Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who is Warner Sizemore

Born in the beautiful country of East Tennessee in 1925, graduating from Science Hill High School in 1943 and East Tennessee State College (now University) in 1946. I hold graduate degrees from Temple and Lincoln Universities.
My interest in Velikovsky began almost by chance in the 1950s while I was in graduate school. I was 30, he was 65. I am now an octogenarian having continued my fascination with Velikovsky’s legacy over the many years.
I was privileged to have met and had a long frutiful association with Velikovsky, one of the great minds of all time. My real education began at the moment of our meeting in 1956.
Velikovsky is well know for his catastrophic history of our earth as first outlined in his 1950 best seller, Worlds in Collision and later, Ages in Chaos and Earth in Upheaval an numerous other books. Vital information on the history of the Velikovsky Affair is found on the internet at,
My interest in King Arthur began after moving to Kentucky in 2000 where a local scholar, the late Jim Michael, introduced me to overwhelming evidence that the famous King Arthur and his brother, Prince Madoc came to this continent and to the Kentucky area with a large retinue in the 6th century AD following a disaster from a comet that struck England and brought on the dark ages of Europe. This catastrophe was not unlike those of earlier times described by Velikovsky. Michael’s primary source came from Welsh documents, suppressed for many years, but uncovered by the Welsh scholars, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, who continue to publish what is, without a doubt, unparalleled discoveries in modern times. Much of the relevant data is found in, The King Arthur Conspiracy by Grant Berkley.
While these are two of my primary interests I have many other broad interests that range beyond what is found in outdated textbooks still used institutions of higher learning. My classes always included teaching students to question the so called foundations on which each discipline is built. My primary field was Professor of Religion (following from a ministerial beginning), also teaching some courses in science, my undergraduate major. In recent years the fields of health and alternative medicine has occupied much of my time ( I hold the degree of ND, doctor of naturopathic medicine). I am also a professional artist.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the father of 4 great kids!

Anonymous said...

I see that you're featured in The Velikovsky Encyclopedia. Cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi Warner
Thinking about you.
email me at Lance at Effingers....

Jack said...

Hi Warner:
I'd love to hear from you. I'm not well enough to leave the house much, but I do like to mess with the computer a little.

Leroy Ellenberger said...

Warner, I hope you realize now that "King Arthur" was really a comet, as explained by Patrick McCafferty & Mike Baillie in The Celtic Gods: Comets and Irish Mythology (2005), a book Jueneman is familiar with. Also, here's a recent P.S. from an email that mentions you:
P.S.: Yesterday I mailed 1978 photos as postcards to Ruth and her son Rafe, both to Rafe's address. The one to Ruth shows Ima, Aba and CLE (in my first "Velikovsky's right!" t-shirt) sitting on a bench on the boardwalk at Seaside Hgts. Rafe's was a photo of a smiling Ima standing next to a sitting Sizemore with her right arm on his shoulder, taken the day we all celebrated Aba's 83rd birthday at a restaurant on Pelican Island whose name I asked Rafe if he recalled for purposes of my review of ABA for who invited me to write one. To Ruth, I asked her to do the right thing w.r.t. the photo credits to me in ABA in honor of her father's policy of treating everyone fairly. L.

You see, in 1995 Ruth used 4 of my photos with neither permission nor credit whereupon she agreed thru her attorney that future editions would credit me; but in 2010 ABA still does not credit those 4 photos PLUS not only are you still cropped off "Aba, Jan & Lewis", but Shulie is now missing from all the photos she used to be in with Ruth and/or Ima. All the best, Leroy