Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ancient Skies


Recent work by Anthony L. Peratt in the field of plasma physics has made us aware that the skies seen by the ancients were not what is seen today; the solar system has changed within human history. The same plasma physics is operating today but the manifestation of it is not as apparent in the skies observed by present astronomers except in distant galaxies. On rocks all around the world pictures were carved of what the ancients saw; the same pictures everywhere. Historian and archaeologists are baffled by the meanings of these petroglyphs. Now we can produce in the laboratory with plasma discharges, the almost exact images we find on the rocks. These images can be seen on two websites below. Look them up.
Man, Myth & Mayhem in Ancient History and the Sciences
Cosmically-induced global catastrophes should be a running theme through the disciplines. Hence, this work is interdisciplinary in its very nature. And if disciplines conflict in their interpretation, does the interpretation of the evidence or the discipline require revision?
Did the ancients see images like these in the sky?

High-current plasma discharge sketches, like those seen in the lab,After Anthony L. Peratt, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Dec 1993:Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity,

1. Middle Eastern Rock art 2. US Petroglyph 3. Easter Island hat pattern
This work is a compilation of thousands of articles, books and Web sites, covering a wide range of viewpoints. Some are quite convincing, some speculative, and others apparently preposterous. You decide.

One of the images we call 'squatter man'. It does indeed look like a squatting man but with some strange appendages that don't make sense unless you understand how plasma discharges itself.

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