Friday, August 1, 2008


In the May/June 2002 issue of Nexus Magazine an article by Will Hart, Archaeological Cover-Ups, -A Plot to Control History - makes clear that, "The scientific establishment tends to reject, suppress or ignore evidence that conflicts with accepted theories, while denigrating or persecuting the messenger."

My recent blog on the suppression of the King Arthur story by both English and some Welsh authorities is an example of official efforts to control history, facts be damned. "The Brain Police and the Big Lie are at work," says Hart, "we tend to be very sceptical about conspiracies- unless the Mafia or some Muslim radicals are behind the alleged plot. But the evidence [for conspiracy] is overwhelming and the irony is that much of it is in plain view.... but a subtle operation."

The conspiracy, he says, is "global and there are many vested interests groups. A cursory investigation yields the usual suspects: scientists with a theoretical axe to grind, careers to further and the status quo to maintain." I would add here that when a government has an agenda with a need to fit facts for officially approved textbooks, they hire academics to foster the desired propaganda; hence a scientist or historian with an axe to grind.

"Their modus operandi," says Hart, "is THE BIG LIE - and the bigger and more widely publicised, the better." Invoking their academic credentials to support their arguments, they begin with the presumption, "that no one has the right to question their authoritarian pronouncements."

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Warner: My new book, due out about the end of Sept. refers to Velikovsky's work and I've defended him and his research. What small errors he may have made is certainly lost in his great contribution otherwise.
Al Cornett