Monday, August 18, 2008


My grandson Alex called me yesterday from his school where he is a high school senior. My first thought was he needs a ride home and his mom is not around to pick him up. But he was excited, “Grandpaw they found Bigfoot.” They had been talking about the recent report from Georgia that some hunters had shot a bigfoot and had him in a freezer. I told him that I was aware of the story and had reposted it in the internet. I then told him he needed to talk to me more often. We will see how that goes. Alex is a typical teenager who is heavily involved in sports and he has a girl friend, so even though we live in the same house I rarely get to talk to him. I have my own apartment downstairs and only on occasion do I eat with the rest of the family. He knew of my interest in Bigfoot from earlier conversations at the table sometime ago.

He knew of my trip a few years ago, to an area not far from Death Valley, California that I made with my friend Dr. Richard Clark. We were looking for bigfoot; though we did not find him, we did find his footprint and made a plaster cast. Dr. Clark has plans for a return trip in the fall of 2008 to a place he went twenty-two years ago where he had a hair-raising, near-death experience with one of the anomalies; a story for another time.

For many years Dr. Clark and I have had conversations about where creatures like the Lock Ness monster and Bigfoot come from. He is of the opinion that we are dealing with a dimensional phenomenon. There are certain places on earth where stresses in the earth’s crust affect the ether (or some substrate of ethereal matter) at which points anomalies of many sorts are found. There is a correlation with the sun, moon and tides which activates or alters energy fields, and which opens barriers between dimensions. Bigfoot, doing whatever he is doing, finds himself in our world and he continues with his activities as if nothing happened. When conditions change he goes back. That is why he is hard to find unless you know when to look for him. I am not sure Dr. Clark would state it exactly as I have, but that is my understanding. Dr. Clark, a Ph.D. in mathematics, has made incredible inroads in the study of the forces of nature found at intersecting stress points.

The study involves earth history when continents broke apart, not gradually over millions of years, but suddenly by enormous forces
not comprehended by today’s cosmologists. The earth globe doubled in size; the rift marks on the oceans floors and scars on land masses testifying to such events. Celestial bodies are focal points where galactic energies manifest in matter. Matter itself sometimes may carry transitional scars where energy is, so to speak, trapped. It is at these points, at least on earth, where strange events are apt to happen. As an example, where two mountain ranges come together one might expect anomalous events. Often mountains were torn apart, half going east and half going west with a valley in between, but the mountains are still joined at north and south terminals. It is at such points of stress, or even in the valleys below, where the stress continues and the dimensions interface.

This non-academic terminology describes the notes I have made from discussions with Dr. Clark. I alone am responsible for the way I have expressed it. Dr. Clark may put it otherwise.

Is Bigfoot a species that has managed to elude discovery or are the sightings really mistaken identifications? Orthodox science is understandably skeptical of the discoveries made by untrained scholars. The roots of modern science began in a dark age culture of superstition against which it rebelled. In moving to rational, empirical standards it may have gone too far in the other direction rejecting what we refer to as paranormal. Going beyond paranormal and crossing dimensional barriers will have an even tougher struggle with academic authority. But we got footprints. What the Georgia hunters have in the freezer I don’t know.

[Latest reports claim it to be an opossum. Give me a break. Georgia hunters know the difference between a ‘possum and bigfoot, even if they don’t spell it right. And its seems to me that even a hoaxer could do better than that.]

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